OCEA NEMO – Sport Utility Yacht

Together with the yacht designer Fulvio di Simoni, OCEA Motor Yachts has created a new, spectacular yacht concept in the OCEA NEMO-Series.

These yachts are the new type of “Sports Utility Yacht”, mega-yachts that offer direct contact to the water despite their size. OCEA NEMO-yachts have a large garage, housing water toys of every description. Be it sailing boats, a balloon, amphibian craft or an inflatable slide, all these toys can be ordered together with your OCEA yacht. On a second level on the aft deck, beach catamarans or sailing boats can be stowed with standing masts. A lift will launch them quickly and easily. 

The explorer-yachts by OCEA NEMO have various outstanding features, such as, for example, a full-size Beach Club with an open pool that can be filled with either fresh or sea water on the OCEA NEMO 44. Every one of these yachts is built individually to order.  

The range of OCEA NEMO-yachts includes custom explorer yachts of 32, 44 and 55 metres. These floating water-sports retreats are built at the OCEA yard on the French Atlantic coast.

More information of the fascinating concept of these Sports Utility Yachts can be found here: www.oceanemo.com.

OCEA NEMO – Sport Utility Yacht

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